SneakPeek Gender Test

Early Gender Clinical DNA Test From 6 weeks! $179 (+GST)

UBM Scans is excited to announce that we are the First in Sydney to partner with SneakPeek by Gateway Genomics. We are now offering you clinical laboratory early gender DNA blood testing to determine your baby’s gender from as early as 6 weeks, with proven 99.9 % accuracy in an affordable new product.

The SneakPeek Process:

  • STEP 1

    Pick up your SneakPeek clinical DNA Kit & prepaid envelope from UBMSCANS or have it posted to you.

  • STEP 2

    Fill out your SneakPeek and Laverty pathology Forms. Find a pathology near you Laverty

  • STEP 3

    Have your blood collected at any Laverty Pathology Centre in NSW to ensure your blood sample is safely and professionally collected by one of their highly trained staff. Place your blood sample with the completed & signed SneakPeek consent form into the provided prepaid envelope.

  • STEP 4

    Hand the package to a postal employee at any Australia Post facility (Do Not Drop it Off into a postal bin). Postage labels and shipping costs are all included in the price. *IMPORTANT* Please Keep a record of the shipping tracking number on the label on the outside of the envelope. (this number can be used to track your package).

UBM Scans: Unveiling Early Moments of Joy

The excitement of learning your baby’s gender is a special moment, and the earlier it’s revealed, the sooner you can start bonding and planning.

UBM Scans offers you this precious opportunity with the SneakPeek Early Gender Clinical DNA Test, available from as early as 6 weeks with 99.9% accuracy.

We take pride in being the first in Sydney to partner with SneakPeek, bringing this innovative technology to you.

Our expertise and commitment ensure that your journey to parenthood is filled with joy and memorable moments, starting with the earliest glimpses of your baby.

Begin Your Unforgettable Journey Today

Are you ready to experience this wonderful early gender revelation? Visit us at UBM Scans and book your SneakPeek Gender Test. Let us be part of your beautiful journey into parenthood, starting with a small glimpse into the future of your growing family.

Learn more about SneakPeek through FAQ!

You’ll get an email from with the subject line “Your SneakPeek Result Is in!” With Standard, you’ll get the result the day after we receive your sample. With FastTrack, your sample is prioritised at the lab, and you’ll get the results the same day we receive your sample. Be sure to check all your folders, including Promotions and Junk Mail, in case your email filter redirects it, or use your email search toolbar to search for “sneak peek results.”

SneakPeek looks for male DNA in the fetal DNA found in the mum’s blood sample. In the case of identical twins, if male DNA is found, then both babies are boys. If no male DNA is found, then both babies are girls. For fraternal twins, finding male DNA means at least one baby is a boy, but one cannot distinguish if the second is a boy or a girl.

Gender results are sent straight to the “results email address” provided during kit activation. If you used SneakPeek Standard, your results will be sent by 2:00 pm Pacific Time (5:00 pm Eastern Time) the day after receiving your “Sample Arrived” email. If you used SneakPeek FastTrack, it will be sent by 8:00 pm Pacific Time (11:00 pm Eastern Time) the same day your “Sample Arrived” email is received.

The SneakPeek test is accurate any time from 6 weeks into pregnancy to birth. SneakPeek looks for Y chromosomes in the fetal DNA found in the mum’s blood. The amount of fetal DNA increases the further the mum is in her pregnancy, so the test can be taken with accurate results starting at 6 weeks until birth. I’m not sure if you’re at 7 weeks yet. Use our easy test eligibility calculator to double-check.

You’ll receive a “Sample Arrived” email by 4:00 pm Pacific Time (7:00 pm Eastern Time) on the same day it arrives at SneakPeek Labs. Sample shipments are delivered to SneakPeek Labs in the morning, Monday-Saturday. Depending on whether you used SneakPeek Standard or SneakPeek FastTrack, the subject line will say “Your SneakPeek Sample Has Arrived” or “Your SneakPeek FastTrack Sample Has Arrived.”

Have no fear! Your DNA blood sample can stay stable for a month in the test tube due to a preservative that was included in the tube.

The studio or clinic you visited has tracking information for your blood sample’s return to SneakPeek Labs. We apologise, but SneakPeek does not have access to this information. Please contact the participating location directly regarding the status of your sample or results.

SneakPeek is a DNA test that looks for male chromosomes in the cell-free fetal DNA (cffDNA) found in the mum’s blood, a process that was first established in 1997 and refined in a multitude of scientific publications since. Urine-based tests have no scientific validity, as there are no gender markers in urine.

Yes! The test components are good for a year. An expiration date is listed at the bottom of each box. Want to check if you’re at 6 weeks? Use our easy test eligibility calculator.

The SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test is non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT), and it’s safe for both mum and baby.

SneakPeek is the most accurate clinical early gender DNA test on the market, and we fully stand behind our results. If the gender of your newborn doesn’t match your test result, you’ll receive a full refund. Find out more about SneakPeek’s baby gender test accuracy.

We know your DNA information is personal. To protect your privacy:
1. SneakPeek tests are only for the baby’s gender. No data is gathered about disease states or other health-related information.
2. After the test is run, your DNA sample is disposed of by a professional chemical management company in compliance with federal standards.
3. SneakPeek never shares your results with anyone other than the email address you provide.
4. SneakPeek does not sell or share customer data with third parties. Your email address is only used to provide test updates and notify you of new SneakPeek products and specials.

Clinical studies have shown that fetal DNA clears rapidly from the maternal bloodstream within 1-2 days. Therefore, a miscarriage will not affect your current test result.