Our Story..

The inspiration behind UBM 3D and 4D scans began almost 10 years ago when my partner and I had our first baby I spent many hours glancing into our baby boy’s world. Not long after we had our daughter, and then 18 months later we were once again blessed with our youngest son.  This inspired the birth of UBM and now we are excited to announce that we are ready to share this journey with you and your growing family. We are here with a better way to bring a different experience to your scans, ready to create new and lasting memories with new Families.

Having our own experience and sharing many special moments and memories with different families over the years the constant feedback I kept receiving after most scans is that our clients always wanted more time connecting with their baby or trying to get that perfect picture, or just one more scan to try to find out the gender.

At UBM we decided it was time to give parents a more intimate and personable experience with their unborn child with the added comfort of being in your own home.

As the founder of UBM I am a qualified senior medical sonographer with over 15 years’ experience. With a growing team of experienced staff working at UBM, we are here to help you achieve that scan you have been waiting for.

At UBM we are excited to give families the opportunity to connect with their baby in a unique way.

What Our Clients Say