4D Ultrasound Sydney

Capturing Your Baby’s Movements in Real-Time: A Journey into Their World

Pregnancy is an awe-inspiring journey, a time of wonder and anticipation as a new life grows within.

At UBM Scans, we understand the profound emotions and excitement accompanying this journey. That’s why we offer 4D ultrasounds – to bring you closer to the little miracle developing every day in your womb. With our state-of-the-art technology and a compassionate, experienced team, we invite you to witness the dynamic world of your unborn baby.

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What is a 4D Ultrasound?

A 4D ultrasound is an advanced procedure that provides real-time video of your baby in the womb. Unlike static 3D images, 4D scans show movement, allowing you to see your baby’s actions and expressions as they happen.

What's the Difference Between 2D, 3D, 4D Ultrasound?

2D ultrasonic sound waves, the most common type used in routine prenatal care, provide a basic two-dimensional, black and white image. These are primarily used for medical assessments, including checking the baby’s growth, assessing the placenta’s position, and estimating the due date.

3D ultrasounds provide a more detailed view. Unlike 2D scans, 3D ultrasounds create three-dimensional images, offering a clearer picture of the baby’s physical features, which can be especially heartwarming for expectant parents. The 3D images can also be useful in identifying certain anatomical conditions. At UBM Scans, we offer 3D ultrasound services, giving you an in-depth view of your child from every angle.

4D ultrasounds take the technology a step further by combining the detailed imagery of 3D with real-time movement. This means you can see your baby’s face, seeing them up close yawning, smiling, or even sucking their thumb as it happens, providing an incredibly special bonding experience during your pregnancy.

What are the Benefits?

Real-Time Bonding

The 4D ultrasound experience elevates bonding to a new level by allowing you to witness your baby’s movements and expressions in real time. Watching your baby yawn, smile, or even suck their thumb as it happens is not only fascinating but deepens the emotional connection between you and your baby during pregnancy.

Emotional Connection

There is something profoundly moving about seeing your baby live in motion. This dynamic visualisation fosters an even deeper emotional bond, making the pregnancy experience more vivid and real for expectant parents.

Shared Joy

4D ultrasounds offer the unique opportunity to share the magic of seeing your baby move and grow in real time. These scans can be recorded, creating shareable videos that allow loved ones to enjoy the excitement and cherish these moments forever.

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Why Choose Us?

UBM Scans stands out in the field of prenatal imaging by blending professional expertise with state-of-the-art 4D ultrasound technology, ensuring each scan is more than just a routine procedure; it’s a heartfelt experience.

At our clinic, we offer an after hours service, allowing you to book in an appointment that goes according to your schedule. We make it our priority to offer a warm, comfortable setting that puts your comfort and your connection with your baby first.

Our skilled and compassionate sonographers work with the utmost care, ensuring every scan is a safe, enjoyable, and enlightening experience for expectant families.

Uniting Baby Moments: Crafting Lifelong Memories with Every Scan

Pregnancy is an incredible journey filled with moments of awe and anticipation.

At UBM Scans, we are not just expert sonographers; we consider ourselves guardians of your first precious memories with your baby. With over a decade of experience in prenatal imaging, our dedication goes beyond capturing images; we focus on crafting lifelong memories. We understand the emotional significance of these scans and are committed to delivering a high-quality, emotionally enriching scanning experience that resonates with your family’s story.

Ready to connect with your baby in a uniquely moving way?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The optimal time for a 4D ultrasound is between 26 and 32 weeks. This window offers clear imagery while the baby has developed distinct facial features and enough room to move.

Yes, 4D ultrasounds are safe. They use the same type and intensity of ultrasound waves as 2D and 3D scans, which have been used safely in obstetrics for decades.

You can expect a comfortable and engaging experience at UBM Scans. Our sonographers will guide you through the process, showing you your baby’s movements and features and addressing any questions you have.

Stay hydrated in the days leading up to your appointment, as this can improve the clarity of the ultrasound images. Otherwise, no special preparation is needed.

Absolutely! We encourage sharing this beautiful experience with your loved ones. Our facility is designed to accommodate family members comfortably.